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Traveling responsibly

If you’re the type of traveler who cares about sustainable travel in Ecuador, you’re in the right place. Here at the Coco Loco we are dedicated to making sure the tourism industry benefits the local people and the environment. All of our staff are from Canoa and are paid fair wages in accordance with Ecuadorian laws. Almost all providers of goods and services that we consume are local, and we buy as much as we can from nearby shops and markets. Thus the vast majority of the money that comes in to the Coco Loco stays here in the community.

Taking care of the planet and all its inhabitants

To protect the environment we use paper straws and reusable glassware instead of plastic in the bar. We offer a drinking water refill station to cut down on plastic waste. And we recycle beer bottles and some plastic bottles.

We continually plant new vegetation not just on the hostel property, but throughout town as well. And for activities and excursions we hire local tour guides and surf instructors who promote eco-tourism through education and a passion for experiencing and preserving the surrounding ecosystem.