Surfing in Canoa

Surfing in Canoa, Ecuador

Canoa has waves for all ability levels

Whether you’re an experienced surfer or a beginner, Canoa has waves for you! Because of the gentle slope of the bottom under the water, it’s possible to choose how big and difficult of a wave you want. If you’re an experienced surfer, you can wait for high tide and paddle out to the far break and enjoy big, fun waves. But if you’re still learning, you can go at mid or low tide, and stay closer in to the shore to practice your skills on smaller, easier waves.

Avoid the crowds, surf without worries

Canoa also has the advantage of being located on a 17km long stretch of beautiful sandy beach. There are consistent breaks everywhere! Most people surf in front of town, there are about five different spots where the waves tend to break. Even here people are usually spread out and you rarely have to fight for waves. But if you want even more space you can just walk down the beach a short ways and find a wave all to yourself.

Safe, sandy bottom

The other nice thing about surfing in Canoa is that the bottom is all sand. There are no rocks or reef to get banged up on when you fall. Surfing is an inherently risky sport and there’s always a chance for injury, so it’s always best to start out with a qualified instructor. But surfing in Canoa is much safer than other places with rocks, sharp reef, and crowded lineups.

General surf information

The surf season in Ecuador is generally from December to May. The best time of day for good waves in Canoa is right around high tide, although beginners often go at mid or low tide since the waves are smaller and easier to handle then. You can find surf reports and tide information by clicking here. There is a surf school on the malecón next to the Samay restaurant/hostel, and you can also find local surf instructors on the beach down by the lifeguard stand. The cost for a 1-2 hour lesson is typically $25, and includes board rental. Stand up paddle is also available. Here at the Coco Loco, we offer surfboard rentals for $3/hour or $10/day.